Universal adoption and application of blockchain technology is perhaps the last chance that the modern “individual” will have to balance the scales of power in order to protect and defend their personal freedoms.
Adopting an inherently immutable, transparent, trustless, decentralized, and democratically regulated platform promises to revolutionize every aspect of how we store, access, and transact value and information.
Reliable encryption undergirds the digital exchange of value and information, enabling decentralized peer-to-peer communication and ensuring that both personal security and anonymity are maintained.

Where the code works. Polyn8, Inc.

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An Experienced Blockchain Startup

Blockchain by the People, for the People

Polyn8, Inc. (dba Polyn8) is an American technology and solutions engineering company based out of Sacramento, California; the seat of governance for the 5th largest economy in the world and backyard to the San Francisco/Bay Area, world renowned center of American dominance in ground-breaking technology, innovation, and ingenuity.

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Polyn8 was founded by Arvin Magusara, George Stephen Batchelor, and Lawrence Ing, III in the 4th Quarter of 2017. After the trio met and began sharing their in-depth self-education of blockchain technology, it’s practical applications, and societal, philosophical,  and mathematical theorems, it was clear that they were bound for terrain-changing projects in an unapologetic manner.  Blockchain was the technology of  their choice and their plan was business dominance ubiquitously across the hardware, software, and services sectors of the technology industry.

Today, Polyn8 has grown from the 3 initial founders to 14 plank-owners (early organizational builders) and interns; all poorly paid yet highly skilled and well -credentialled people with highly diverse set of backgrounds. These early believers of Polyn8 have given the most valuable asset a person can give to another, their dedicated time. They are building towards the potential for blockchain as a tool in the continued struggle for wo/man’s sovereignty unto him/herself and his/her ability to participate in building the environment in which s/he lives.

Polyn8 was officially incorporated in March 2018.

Renewed Belief in the ‘Trust Machine’

Polyn8 was founded in order to address the many challenges and inconsistencies present in both the public and private sectors of American society. And we believe it is our responsibility not only to advocate for the universal adoption of blockchain technology in order to correct persistent real-world problems, but also demonstrate how the potential of purposeful implementation of blockchain technology will precipitate the next phase of social, economic, and technological evolution.

Trust is an ideal that we often take for granted and despite the evidence to the contrary, we still choose to believe that trust is the common thread that holds the fabric of society together.

However, trust is no longer just an abstract ideal (or a question for the philosophers) but rather, the axiom that will undergird the future of a blockchain based civilization. But, in order to do this, when approaching technology like blockchain applications and utilities, it is essential that we discard the antiquated and polluted lens of the past in order to effectively approach this revolutionary technology of the future. some of these antiquated notions include blockchain technology only applying to the fintech industry, or that blockchain = bitcoin.

All too often blockchain technology has been relegated and mischaracterized as merely a currency management system, rather than appreciated for how the thoughtful implementation of blockchain applications can powerfully establish a level playing field in transactions of any kind between any number of people, regarding any thing of value.

Some examples include:

  • Securing one’s access to basic human rights,
  • The elevation of one person’s voice when reporting an opinion
  • Ensuring fair play by governing officials in the distribution of resources

Encouraging economic growth and fair governance are achieved through blockchains assumption of roles typically placed in the hands of people. It does this in order to take away the human tendency to win at all cost. While the transaction between a person and another person or between a person and a group of people can take place, the possibility of mafiseience or corruption is removed by programatically setting known tasks and rules that can’t be effectuated externally.

Implied in this process is the agreement that the computational programming of processes that carry out trusted roles in transactions between two or more parties is  done so in a way that clearly demonstrates that the code was reviewed and received consensus among voters of the crypto-ecosystem. In arriving at such a place trust can continue to be held by the blockchain as this process is a vetted, industry-known process to ensure that all proposed code, and changes  occurred in an open and transparent manner that utilized the process feedback solicitation, and discussion and that required votes and other participation requirements were carried out by the requisite number of participants within the ecosystem.

An open and decentralized platform for user interaction

Chiefly among  Polyn8’s self-defined overarching directives is the absolute requirement for processes and/or technology that directly places the user at the foot of the blockchain in order for users to  direct the benefits of blockchain technology for themselves into their own hands.

Polyn8, believes that it is our duty to create pathways for the common person to participate in the free exchange of value and information. We are actively lobbying for an unprecedented adoption of this technology in within local and state  governments, in addition to lobbying for the adoption of this technology by business communities. By demonstrating its benefits and presenting use-cases we hope to convince leaders that the astronomical savings typically associated with blockchain technology solutions are real and the precision-level accuracy of the data is credible.

By advocating for the democratization of blockchain, we set the standard that: processes that require trust will need with it the active participation by its consumer or support and that transparency must be a given, no questions. We do this for the establishment  of a permanently secure and sustainable approach to economic growth, accountable balances of leadership decisions, and fair governance devoid of antics and politicking.


Our work would not be complete unless we had a plan to create our own blockchain structure. Currently, we plan to utilize the Ethereum blockchain as a springboard to our own blockchain structure, much like Eos or Tron. separate from this endeavor but somewhat connected are our plans to use Polyn tokens within our ecosystem to achieve a number of things from incentivizing better health choices or the price to interface with our system to ensure that stakes are verified or to reduce denial of service attacks.

Polyn Token Homepage

The healthcare industry has pushed patient experience of care in to higher levels of administrative focus and priority investment to achieve sustainable improvement because there are currently no solutions that address the inherent inefficiencies and ego-preserving limitations of collecting patient satisfaction data. Pulse is the ONLY user-focsused, non-biased application that has been developed to be compliant with privacy laws and to directly address issues related with the failing state of patient satisfaction. Pulse is the only application that truly puts the patient first by exalting the voice of the patient as the most important voice in the healthcare industry.

Pulse Homepage

Today’s blockchain solutions largely addresses issues whose origin is autochthonous to a blockchain. DeboraH bridges the gap between the physical world and more ethereal blockchain transactions. DeboraH introduces hardware controllers that are blockchain aware and are able to transact with a blockchain. This provides credible access, control, and receipts-of-execution to the user. DeboraH’s line of hardware devices extend the Internet of Things (IoT) into the Internet of Blockchain (backed) Things.

DeboraH Homepage

Polyn8 has developed specialized hardware that utilizes the GPU as its primary data processing and hashing unit and then further added safety, networking, and user-friendly configuration. The GPU is interfaced to the outside world through use of an ARM-based Micro Processing Unit (MPU). Unlike the traditional x86 CPU utilized in current GPU mining machines that consume approximately 15W at idle, an ARM MPU such as the Samsung Exynos 5433 consumes 0.8W at full load. [1][2] This represents a large increase in power efficiency over prototypical GPU mining hardware. Additionally, no wasteful systems or functionality are included in the Andrena Miner hardware as most motherboards do that are used for mining today.

Andrena Miner Homepage

The Advocate dApp allows consumers to interface with the blockchain and create custom, scalable blockchain based solutions directly related to impacting our social infrastructure in order to create more public programs and consumer protections that are equitable, sustainable, flexible to change, efficient, and cost effective.

Advocate Homepage

Polyn Platform is a tool where parties will be able to transact, and digest data through a graphical user interface (GUI) terminal. Parties will be able to transact data ranging from DMV registration to financial exchanges to setting up business application services. Additionally, quorum will be used internally as an arbiter of data calls ensuring the correct provision of data for internal systems as well as those coming from the consumer base.

Polyn Platform Homepage

Looking for a Blockchain Consultant?

Looking to achieve competitive differentiation by leveraging Blockchain Technology? Talk to our experts and find out see how Blockchain can transform critical aspects of your business. We’re headquartered in Sacramento, California but work nation wide.


Speakers Bureau & Training
We offer in-house and external training and teaching seminars, workshops, talks, as well as instructive materials on the blockchain technology and related fields of application, which will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the intricate blockchain ecosystem and all its possibilities.
Professional Certification Program
For a fee, we will offer access to a proprietary body of requisite knowledge for any professional new to the Blockchain sphere. The Body of Common Knowledge asset will cover everything from the history of Blockchain, emergence of bitcoin, and evolution into forays of tech business like Blockchain as a Solution.

The study will be self-paced but will only be open for one month. The modular, virtual exam will also need to be taken within the month and will test a candidate’s knowledge of blockchain theory and applications in business, social impact, and tech sectors in addition to the items mentioned above.

Upon successful completion of the exam (completion with a score of 80% or higher), the candidate will receive a certification with Polyn8, Inc.’s attestation of satisfactory understanding of theory and practical applications of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Research & Custom Reports
We provide unique access to the results of our cutting-edge research in the fields of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology carried out by our own experts. It is important to us to share our results and findings at conferences and in form of publications.


Arvin Magusara
Founder & CEO, Chief Blockchain Services Development Officer
George Batchelor
Founder & COO, Chief Standard Bearer & Visionary Officer
Lawrence Ing II
Founder & CTO, Senior Engineer
Joe Klegseth
Business Development & Consumer Engagement Consultant
Yami Arvizu
Administrative Director
Maria Simone Weithers
Creative Director
Ivan Acosta, MPH
Blockchain Healthcare Affairs Director
Sean Bucholtz
Arnold Chand
Tech Intern


Polyn8 is building an open, decentralized, democratic, transparent, and universal platform to affect change in the socio-political realm through blockchain based technology and solutions.
September 2017

Fall / Winter

Company is founded. Work begins to officially incorporate Polyn8. Inc. Research on use cases and company offerings begin.
December 2017

Winter / Spring

Polyn8 begins to recruit supporters to build the company. Advisory council seated. Polyn Token, Pulse dApp and DeboraH near completion.
June 2018

Summer / Fall

Pre ITO begins, Pre-sale of Pulse dApp & DeboraH begin. Establish Polyn8 Foundation.
December 2018

Winter / Spring

Strengthen presence in the community. ITO Sale begins. Begin delivery of DeboraH products. Make strategic connections.
June 2019

Summer / Fall

Scale business up and out. Establish consumer-driver solutions accelerator program (Civic Foundry).
January 2020

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!


October DeboraH Progress Update

October 15, 2018
We are very excited to announce the first physical prototype of DeboraH has been deployed in Vancouver, WA. We are presently testing the base capabilities of DeboraH and specifying future features as well as documenting current behavior. As it stands...
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The Common Blockchain Misconception

September 13, 2018
Lawrence W. Ing III Polyn8 CTO Blockchain technology has given the world a new way to look at and approach many problems that transcend national borders, but its use is often overplayed and misunderstood. The enthusiasm in the community to adopt bl...
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